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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

We have taken the conventional method of Testosterone Injections and developed a cutting-edge procedure that drastically enhances the outcomes for men. While this is considered a regenerative wellness treatment for overall health, low testosterone has shown to be a factor related to ED. Testosterone replacement therapy helps with loss of energy caused by the imbalance of testosterone decreasing.

We offer Testosterone Cypionate Injections to help increase in energy, vitality, and overall performance in men. These shots are more effective and treatment happens on a regular basis.

Testosterone Subcutaneous Pellets are offered as an alternative to injections to avoid weekly shots. While this is a different method that doesn’t have the exact same medicine as the shot, it offers the same increase in energy, vitality, and overall performance.

We also offer HCG Testicular Optimal Performance for those who want to avoid continuously taking a pill or shot.