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Satiate yourself and your partner with customized treatments that boost libido.

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Rise to the Occasion

Have other ED medications let you down? We design customized treatment plans to make your ED a thing of the past!

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Experience the Pleasure You Deserve

Having trouble with orgasms, lowered interest in sex, or just want to improve your sex life?

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Regenerative & Sexual Healthcare Specialists

Bring satisfaction back into your life by restoring your body, mind, and spirit with customized treatments tailored to your individual needs.

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Be Your Best Self Again

Trimix and Quadmix

Do you struggle to get or maintain an erection, or experience premature ejaculation?

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Have you lost your lust for life, constantly feel tired, and struggle with erectile dysfunction?

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Are you experiencing a decrease in your libido, sexual arousal, and stamina?

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Looking to restore blood flow, tighten muscles, and rebuild tissues?

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Want to alleviate symptoms of menopause and bring back vitality?

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Want to enhance libido and sexual arousal?

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Libido Education and Counseling

Create the sex life you want with your partner.

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P-Shot and O-Shot

It takes two to tango—take the steps today to increase sexual drive together.

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Hormone and Testosterone Therapy

Are hormones the cause of your decreased libido, arousal, and desire?

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It Takes Two to Tango

Sexual Health

Many cases of sexual dysfunction can be corrected by treating the mental or physical problems that cause it. Our medications, therapies, and treatments can help treat male and female sexual dysfunction.

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Rejuvenation Services

Recapture your youth with our regenerative PRP and regenerative injection therapies. Our regenerative injection therapies can help you regain maximum performance, both in the bedroom and in life.

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Why Chose Us

Life-Changing Solutions

All of us at Libido+ Medical Clinics are passionate about helping others and dedicated to providing you with the best care possible. We specialize in male and female sexual health, in addition to treating many other issues that directly affect sexual performance and overall health.

In addition to sexual regenerative healthcare, our scope of practice includes testosterone and hormone therapies, regenerative injection therapies, vitamin D, and many other lifestyle enhancing therapies to help you start living your best life again. Our knowledgeable team provides a wide range of medication combinations at your disposal to create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.


Unlike the popular “off-the-shelf” pills, you’ll receive a tailor-made medical treatment plan designed by our board-certified physicians specifically for you and your needs.


Our treatment is a simple, yet powerful FDA-cleared, tailor-made prescription medication that's proven to be both safe and effective.


We offer over 187 combinations of medications to customize a treatment plan for your unique situation.


Our treatment plans are cost-effective and have a 96% success rate, and if it doesn't work, your cost is zero. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.